Probably like you, I’ve spent decades chasing great guitar tones I love -- tones that inspire me to create and to play better.

It’s been my good fortune to be a beta tester for Fractal Audio, and a “Fractal Evangelist” for over seven years and counting. I believe in the democratization of great guitar tone!

Here's a quick video interview. You’ll hear how Dweezil Zappa got me hooked on the Ultra and the progression from there to joining the Fractal beta tester team.


Along the way, I helped design some of the factory presets used in the FX8 effects floor unit, and produced several Cab Packs in connection with Fractal Audio Systems, sold by them. I have thousands of hours of experience with Fractal products.

In short, I’ve been playing guitar and rigorously designing or replicating guitar tones with authority and dedication for decades.  From playing real vintage guitars and amps and effects, to owning ground-breaking digital modelers like the original Johnson Millennium to today's state-of-the-art Fractal Axe-Fx.

To my ears, nothing in the marketplace today delivers the realism, feel, and power that the Fractal Axe-Fx does -- short of a real amp itself.

In fact, my money says that with the right programming, the AXE-FX and AX8 can sound BETTER than their real life counterparts!