It took a village of people to get us to this place.  Here I’d like to thank those that made a difference and help me find the tones I’ve been chasing all my life.

Fractal Audio Systems

Cliff and Danielle Chase, the Legendary Matt Picone and family (love you!), Joe Rogers, Michael Pickens, Mark Day, Cooper Carter...and well the entire Fractal Beta Tester Team: where do I start?

In the photo are Scott Peterson, Craig, Cooper, Alexander (Yek), Cliff, Matt, Ian, Sean (Java Junkie), and myself...

Not shown are folks like Thibault (Fremen), Gary, Alex, Rex, Patrick, Steve, Rosh Roslin... I’m inadvertently going to leave people out -- but they are all amazing and the best!

Atomic Amplification and Tom King for the great NEO-CLRs which are terrific FRFR monitors for using with the AXE-FX/AX8.  I use a pair for my studio mixing monitors as well, they are that good!


Best Guitar Teachers Who Really Helped Me With Both Theory and Tone:

Dweezil Zappa - for always inspiring me, teaching me, and letting me be a young apprentice to the true "Jedi Master" of programming the Fractal AXE FX.  @ Dweezilla -- Learn and Destroy!

Chuck D’aloia - buy his video courses, which will change the way you think about playing a blues for the better!  Super tasteful player.

Jamie Kime for the private lessons and exposure to high concepts and patience in teaching me.

James Santiago, of Universal Audio and Voodoo Lab, a true tone master and as importantly, great human being.

James Hogan for the private lessons and terrific insights - best explainer of modes ever! Check out his True Fire classes and albums. You're "da man" Hogan!

Tom Quayle - his Jazz Harmony video literally changed my musical life and the way I think about chords and how to play lines over them.

Shane Theriot - a fellow "yat" from my home Louisiana, amazing player, go check out his True Fire Course set and buy his albums NOW.

Wayne Krantz via Dweezil who got me thinking more about chord formulas degree (in a numeric scale) in approaching a solo over chords than trying to think fast in terms of actual note names.

Oz Noy for a quick lesson one day, and making sure I knew there were only three kinds of chords...

Robben Ford and Larry Carlton both for their TrueFire Course work, but especially for their inspirational, tasteful playing  -- some of the best on the the planet.

David Henderson - great player who helped me with "outside" playing concepts, let's play in Austin together David!

Tobias Hurwitz - thanks for the lessons amigo!

Jeff McErlain - great blues player (see his TrueFire Courses) and another all around good dude I once had a lesson with.

David Walliman - great teacher with on-line courses.



Also, Special Thank Yous to:

Austin Vintage Guitars – owner Steve Fulton, “the wizard” amp and pedal guru Bill Webb, Ben Massey and Jesse Duke and everyone else - Brandon, Nick, Steve, etc.  My Tone- Chasing journey came far since 2001 since I first walked into your doors.


Brandon Montgomery, founder of Bludotone Amps, maker of the famed "Ojai" amp modeled in the AXE FX that I own, plus several cabs in my cab pack!

Aaron Keener, “Plek Master” at Crossroads Guitars

Ed Reynolds, Lutheir extraordinaire

Collings Guitars - Bill Collings and Steve McCreary

Gibson Guitars

Fender Guitars

Special thanks also to LA producer extraordinaire Mr. Bobby Oswinski, whose webinar and video tutorial classes and many books taught me a lot about arranging, engineering, mixing, and mastering as well as promotion, and Graham English for the Logic Domination class.

Special shout out to Dweezil Zappa and his amazing band, and to the staff of the Crown of the Continent Guitar Festival and Full Moon Resort.