Fractal Audio's "AustinBuddy’s Boutique" Cab Pack 17  features six  highly-coveted boutique cabinets unavailable in most commercial Impulse Response (IR) libraries.  These IRs pair well with various boutique amp models in the Axe-Fx and AX8,  such as Bogner and Dumble-style amps.

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The Cab Pack contains over 275 unique IRs, including 172 “Core” individual mic captures, plus an “Extras” folder with over 100 additional IRs, plus 39 ready-made mixes.

This Cab Pack is compatible with any Axe-Fx Mark II, XL+, XL, or AX8, and can be uploaded using Fractal-Bot or Axe-Edit.

The pack also includes the “.IR” files for use in Cab‐Lab 3 where you can create your own original mixes or simulate the sound of a mic'd speaker cab with or without an Axe-Fx (such as within a Digital Audio Workstation or DAW).


  • 1x12 Shiver - Based on a Bogner™ Shiva closed-back dual port cab, loaded with a Celestion Classic Lead 80.
  • Bludo 1x12 - Based on a Bludotone™ closed-back ported cab (similar to a Dumble™ cab used by the great Larry Carlton), loaded with a WGS Blackhawk AlNiCo speaker similar to an EVS-SRO™ 12".
  • Bludo 2x12 H65 - Based on a Bludotone™ open “Oval Back” cab, loaded with Celestion G12-65H heritage speakers (similar to a Dumble™ cab used by the great Robben Ford).
  • Bludotone 2x12 ASW - Based on a Bludotone™ open “Oval Back” cab, loaded with a pair of special Bludotone™-designed KTS-style Austin Speaker Works speakers.
  • 2x12 Two Stone - Based on a Two Rock™ 2x12 open “Oval Back” cab with Eminence K&M 65-16 speakers.
  • 4x12 Rumble - Based on Cliff Chase’s personal Dumble™ 4X12 closed back cab with EVL-12/EV-S speakers in an X-pattern.


  • Shure™ SM57
  • Sennheiser™ MD 421
  • Sennheiser™ 906
  • Royer™ 121
  • Neumann™ U47FET
  • Neumann™ U87
  • Beyer-Dynamic™ M160
  • AKG™ 4047
  • RCA™ 770

All captures were done through an API preamp except those indicated “N” which are through a Neve 1073. Not every mic was used on each cab.

The Cab Pack was produced by AustinBuddy at CUE Recording Studio’s Red Room, engineered by CUE engineer Blaine Misner and assistant engineer Javon Grant. “Rumble” IRs were produced by Fractal Audio Systems at Universal Noise Storage and engineered by Tom Eaton.  Special thanks to Jonas Carnemark for loaning his Two-Rock cabinet.

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Reminder: It is illegal to share mixes containing these or any commercial IRs.

Visit  Fractal Audio's website  to purchase for $29.99.


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