AustinBuddy's 700+ Naked Amps TonePack is the perfect tool for record producers and engineers who want every Fractal amp model available, in mono and  dialed-in "dry", or for artists and guitarists looking for new inspiration through auditioning multiple amp sounds.

This collection makes it easier for you to find and enjoy the tones and amps you love! Scroll down this page for a Video overview and 10 Soundclip examples.



Check out these videos:

Over 700 "ready to go" and unique tones covered nearly 400 dialed-in presets that span every amp modeled in the Axe-Fx or Ax8 under firmware Quantum 8.02.

The Naked Amps TonePack is organized into three different banks for loading:  Vintage & Boutique Amps, Modern Amps, and Clean Sounds.  Vintage amps are ordered chronologically.

Here's Lance Keltner checking some vintage and modern tones out from the TonePack:



This TonePack will save you countless hours of time in setting up, programming, and auditioning from-scratch presets.

Each preset includes two scenes of each amp channel modeled by Fractal.   Presets nomenclature uses the name of the real-life counterpart amp modeled. Different factory cabs were often chosen within in the same preset, demonstrating how much cab choice affects the tone.

Check out the blog post here for more details on how this amazing and comprehensive TonePack was created. Or this blog post with rave reviews taken from the Fractal Audio forum.



Here are some SoundCloud clips taken from the modeled naked amps TonePack, using multiple Austin guitarists who were playing an Axe-Fx for the first time.  There are clips to cover vintage, modern, boutique and Class-A amps and cleans.

Vintage Amp Examples:


Modern Amp Examples:


Boutique Amp Examples:


Class A Amps Examples:


Modern Cleans:



As an added bonus, AustinBuddy's 700+ Naked Amps TonePack also includes 40 Classic Rock and Old-School Blues TonePack of his own design for the Axe-Fx, with detailed on instructions on the kind of guitar used and settings to recreate each iconic tone on FRFR monitors.

This is the preset collection you've been waiting for, and will help you get the most out of your Fractal and save you hours of time and provide your playing with endless inspiration.

Choose the preset collection format that is right for you -- AX8, Axe-Fx XL+ and XL, or the Mark II or original Axe-Fx.  You can use either FractalBot  to load presets or banks, or Axe-Edit's Preset Manager to auto-audition presets and copy what you love to your Fractal unit's memory for live and recording use.

 See the blog for video instructions on how to load the TonePack for your Fractal.

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