WHY USE CONSULTING? Most people are time pressed. All the information out there can be overwhelming to go through.  You just to find what you really need to make the sounds and rig you want - fast and efficiently.  But it takes time to sift through it all on your own.

Whether you are a record producer looking to master the sounds and find new inspiration that the Fractal AX8 or Axe-Fx offers, or are a working guitarist or a tour tech who needs to learn the gear, AustinBuddy takes a limited number of clients and help them move up the learning curve of using Fractal Audio products.

WHAT YOU GET.  First, let's get you up and running by setting your hardware unit audio and other settings based on your specific rig's needs, and your audio interface such as a DAW or monitors.  Then, AustinBuddy can help you correctly:

  • install your Fractal software drivers and the latest firmware upgrades
  • install and use the Fractal Audio suite of software products
  • use FractalBot to make bank backups and arrange or load user banks
  •  use Axe-Edit, Ax8-Edit, or FX8-Edit to design presets or edit them, and avoid common novice mistakes and pitfalls
  • how to set preset output levels properly.


  • how to use the powerful Axe-Edit preset manager and cab manager tools to arrange your presets and user cabs the way you want
  • how to organize and manage your saved preset, bank, and cab files
  • understanding tone matching,  Impulse Response captures, and how to use Cab Lab, and
  • how to set up your MFC-101 controller and expression pedals, etc.

For the next consulting level, AustinBuddy can then help you create or recreate your favorite amp tones and rig effects, using the above tools.

These services can save you valuable time by helping you set up and program your rig and signature sounds.


HOW IT WORKS.  AustinBuddy charges by the hour and uses GoToMeeting or other methods via broadband internet connection, so we can work from a common computer screen.

Most professional clients benefit from an initial two hour consultation, walking through all the key software and methodology.

After absorbing that critical knowledge, most clients then do one or two followup sessions, to answer any other key questions that come as they immerse themselves.  Soon, they are well on their way to becoming Fractal "Jedi-Masters."

As an added benefit, consulting clients using at least two hours get the Naked Amp 700+ Preset TonePack for FREE!

Through consulting, new Fractal product users avoid the most common mistakes and really learn their way around the Fractal software suite in a way that works best for their own workflow style.


It's your time to get all your questions answered and get the tones you want.


INTERESTED?  To discuss scheduling a consulting session, please email me.